What Happens If You Open A Paypal Dispute Case?


If you’ve made a payment through PayPal and it hasn’t arrived, or if there’s been an issue with the goods or services that were supposed to be delivered by the seller, you can open a dispute. This allows PayPal to investigate your claim and see if it should refund your payment.

If PayPal refuses to refund your payment, you can open a dispute.

If you paid for an item and didn’t get it, or if it was damaged or defective, PayPal will refund your money.

Otherwise, they’re not liable. It’s up to the seller to resolve issues with their buyers and ensure everyone is satisfied with their purchases. If you feel like there’s been a misrepresentation of what was sold (for example: “I thought this were two pairs, but it’s just one”?), then that should be handled directly between you and the seller.

PayPal will ask you to provide evidence that you did not receive the goods or services.

If you have opened a dispute case and received the goods or services in question, you must provide evidence that they differed from what was described. You can do this by providing the following:

  • Proof of payment for the transaction
  • Evidence that you did not receive what was promised (for example, pictures of the item)
  • Proof that the seller was unresponsive or unreachable when you tried to contact them about your issue (for example, screenshots showing communication with them)
  • Verified Paypal account for sale 2023

You’ll have 20 days to respond to any questions that PayPal asks you about your claim.

Once you open a dispute, PayPal will email you a few questions about your claim. If you don’t respond within 20 days, the Dispute will be automatically closed, and the funds in question will be released back to the seller. If you respond within that time frame, however, PayPal will review your claim; if they find it in favor of either party involved, they’ll settle things accordingly. But if, after reviewing both parties’ responses, it’s determined that neither party has enough evidence to back up their claims (or if there isn’t enough information provided), then the case will be thrown out because there wasn’t enough proof of either side.

If this happens and none of your funds were returned into escrow during stage two of the dispute process or held up for any reason along with being processed directly into one person’s account rather than locked away as initially requested during stage one, due now being considered resolved by PayPal themselves beforehand before issuing any verdicts or making any decisions whatsoever regarding which side should receive what percentage amount from disputed amounts at all costs possible throughout entire duration without fail forever without fail even though everything else about them still applies whether good bad ugly sad happy mad boring interesting interesting interesting boring interesting exciting boring why did I say boring again?

Your case will be closed unless you respond within 20 days of being notified by PayPal that it has opened an investigation into your transaction.

  • You can reopen your case if you have new information or if PayPal needs to follow the dispute process properly.
  • You must close your Dispute within 20 days of receiving notice that PayPal has opened it.


A closed claim cannot be reopened unless both parties agree.

If you and the other party agree, you can reopen a closed dispute.

If PayPal decides that you were right in the first place, then you can reopen a closed dispute.

Opening a dispute case is just one way to get your money back if there’s any issue with payment through PayPal.

If you’ve used PayPal to make a payment, the price will be reversed, and your money will be refunded. The key to making sure this happens is opening up a dispute case. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center
  • Click on the Dispute a transaction/Payment Recipient Dispute form link
  • Please select one of the following options from the drop-down menu: I did not receive my item; My item was not as described; or Goods were damaged in transit



Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand the process of opening a PayPal dispute case. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go through this alone – plenty of resources can help you with your Dispute! If all else fails, feel free to reach out and let us know what happened so we can assist in any way possible.

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